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Rachel Virginia | Venice, CA | June 2014

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Runyon Canyon | Los Angeles, CA | June 2014

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Calvary Baptist Church | Hi Vista, CA | May 2014

Sep 9, 2014

Xander B | Burbank, CA | August, 2014

Every summer I make Xander’s portraits. This year we bartered, I made him a custom cape with a hood (which he wore all summer despite the heat) and in exchange he owed me a real photo shoot with no complaining. Long story short, we had a crazy hot summer and kept putting off our shoot until the last day in LA. These photos were taken around our neighborhood one hour before we had to leave for the airport! 

This was portrait shoot was not what I had in mind, but I did get to take 2 rolls of 120 film with very little complaining and goofing off on his part (very little is a close to zero as I’m going to get with this child ;))

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Ayanna Listenbee | Designer + Fashion Blogger | Los Angeles | August 2014

I love shooting in the Old LA Zoo at Griffith Park, the light is nice no matter what time of day. 

On this particular morning the heat was suppose to be unbearable, so Ayanna and I met early as an attempt to beat the heat. I packed light, just my camera (Canon 6D with a 70-200mm)…no lights or bounce or anything…because I didn’t want to be lugging around equipment. The abandoned animal enclosures provide wonderful bounce and diffuse the over head sun, so it all worked in our favor. 

Ayanna has such great style and is a talented handbag designer. Be sure to check out her fashion blog, The LookBook Philosophy, for some fashion inspiration. We always have such a great time, I’m very excited for some future collaborations. 

Mike sleeping | Burbank, CA | May 2014
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Mike sleeping | Burbank, CA | May 2014

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Self | Vasquez Rocks | Sierra Palona Mountains| Los Angeles, CA | May 2014

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Arboretum | Arcadia, CA | August 2014

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Arboretum | Arcadia, CA | August 2014

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