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Melissa | October 2014
Oct 19, 2014

Melissa | October 2014

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Sunken City | Point Fermin, San Pedro, CA | August 2014

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Sunken City, Point Fermin | San Pedro, CA | August 5, 2014

After returning from our summer road trip I decided it might be neat to do a hike-a-day project. Hiking is fun, and the idea of finding a new hiking trail everyday seemed like a cool idea.

Sunken City in San Pedro seemed like a good place to start, so off I went. Climbing my way down to the shore over the rubble, paint cans and broken glass, I slipped and fell…. hard….right on my butt. This would be a funny anecdote except that I was still healing from throwing my back out on our road trip. Long story short, my back went out again shortly after this ( I got one more hike in before all the trouble started) and my chiropractor has expressly forbidden me from hiking until my back gets further down the road to being healed.

At any rate, I wasn’t super impressed with this hiking spot and below I’ve shared why.

After reading a few reviews and checking out my guide book I was expecting an hour long hike, but if you are only there to hike from top to bottom and back up, it’s 30 min tops - the meandering is what will eat away at the time. Other bloggers have posted some photos of the amazing graffiti in the area, but unfortunately on my visit there wasn’t much to see beyond simple tagging - although the placement of some the graffiti was gravity defying.

The entrance to Sunken City is located in Point Fermin park with the Point Fermin lighthouse, there is lots to see in the area - a proper walking trail along the coast, Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, Fort MacArthur museum, etc. and a cafe right in the park.

They have a serious gate separating sunken city from the rest of the area, and there are no trespassing signs posted at every angle, but you can see that the restricted area is well traveled - even so, enter at your own risk. There are signs of use - foot prints, holes dug under the fence, and the litter. The litter is unbearable in my opinion. There is broken glass EVERYWHERE, beer bottles, chip bags, cigarette cartons, other misc garbage and spray paint cans as well as human feces. Yep, human feces.

The area is restricted and posted as unsafe for a reason. The ground is very soft and the rocks crumble under your feet. The slabs of concrete that still exist from the original neighborhood are covered in paint and are slippery. If you are sure footed enough to work your way down to the beach be careful of falling objects. The beach is small but lovely -  you can see Catalina in the distance and the giant sea smoothed boulders catch lots of treasures from the ocean. 

If you’re in the area it could be a neat hike, but in my opinion it wasn’t really worth a long drive to get there.


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Amir’s Garden | Griffith Park | July 2014

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Joshua Tree | August 2014

We spent a day in Joshua Tree checking out properties for sale. I think this one was only $15,000. A steal! 

DTLA from the Griffith Observatory | August 2014
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DTLA from the Griffith Observatory | August 2014

36 years old | Burbank, CA | August 2014
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36 years old | Burbank, CA | August 2014

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Arboretum | Arcadia, CA | August, 2014

Bob Straub State Park | Pacific City, OR | September 2014
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Bob Straub State Park | Pacific City, OR | September 2014

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Bob Straub State Park | Pacific City, OR | September 2014